April 2016

Is There Wood Pulp In That Parmesan? How Scientists Sniff Out Food Fraud

If you’ve been following any of the big news stories on food fraud lately, you’ll know that it’s tough to know what exactly is in our food — and where it’s been before it makes it onto our dinner plates. Earlier this year, Wal-Mart was sued for stocking tubs of Parmesan cheese that contained wood-pulp filler. Olive oil is often mixed with sunflower oil and sold as “extra virgin.” And

Why Superhero Movies Are Headed in the Wrong Direction

The release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was greeted with negative reviews, a huge opening weekend at the box office, and then a precipitous drop, has inspired a new wave of hand-wringing about the state of superhero movies. With that in mind, a refreshing cultural nugget surfaced online Monday: a conversation between two of the most influential comic-book directors, Richard Donner and Christopher Nolan, on the appeals

British doctor denies report that he doped 150 sports stars

A British doctor accused of doping 150 elite athletes is denying the allegations against him, claiming they are “false and very misleading.” Mark Bonar was the subject of an investigation by The Sunday Times, which reported that he provided sports stars with banned performance-enhancing drugs. Among his purported clients are Premier League football players, boxers, Tour de France cyclists, tennis players, bodybuilders and cricketers, the newspaper said. Bonar responded to

Taylor Swift's Apple Music ad is painful in a couple ways

This morning, Taylor Swift tweeted a short advertisement for Apple Music that she claims is “based on true events.” I don’t think I’ve ever believed anything more. In the video, Swift is preparing for a run. Her cat eyeliner is perfect, and her hair looks like it has recently been tended to by a professional. That is atypical, I think, of the workout experience, but great for her! She selects