July 2016

Official Prince Tribute Concert Confirmed

An official Prince tribute concert will take place on October 13 at the US Bank Stadium in the singer’s hometown of Minnesota, his family has confirmed. In a statement to Associated Press US, it was announced that performers will be revealed on a rolling basis. Tickets will go on sale next month. “We are excited for the opportunity to bring everyone together for the official family celebration of Prince’s life,

Watch These 10 Movies Before They Leave Netflix Next Month

There are a lot of big blockbusters at the multiplex right now, but if you don’t want to leave your apartment to go to a theater, there are still a few days left in the month to catch up on the great films that will soon be leaving the Netflix library. If you’ve never seen these tales of bank heists, prolific controversial authors, and triumphant sports teams, make sure to

Muslim female athletes find sport so essential they compete while covered

On a perfectly breathable Friday near sunset in the spring, you might have spotted what residents say you never would have spotted 10 years ago: women, here and there, on the pathways that twist near a sports park, walking briskly or jogging, in their abayas. Look more carefully, and you would have noticed another novel sight of the 2010s: six cyclists on their bikes, zipping back and forth, coed —

These Champagne Jello Flutes Are Perfect for a Ladies Night In

Get ready, because we’re about to show you how to blow every other Bachelorette viewing party out of the water. When we think of The Bachelorette, two things immediately come to mind. No, not the beautiful people or the emotional drama, we’re talking champagne and roses. This combination of champagne, jello, and rose-shaped strawberries is truly something to marvel at. Even Chris Harrison would be impressed by this classy treat! Champagne Jello Flutes Makes: 3 Ingredients