This app lets you buy unsold food that restaurants would have wasted

Millions of tonnes of food are thrown away in the UK every year, with Britain wasting more than any other European country. Now a group of entrepreneurs have built an app that they hope will cut down on waste by allowing restaurants to sell food that they otherwise would have thrown away at knock-down prices. Too Good To Go, an app that launched in several UK cities this year and

These Champagne Jello Flutes Are Perfect for a Ladies Night In

Get ready, because we’re about to show you how to blow every other Bachelorette viewing party out of the water. When we think of The Bachelorette, two things immediately come to mind. No, not the beautiful people or the emotional drama, we’re talking champagne and roses. This combination of champagne, jello, and rose-shaped strawberries is truly something to marvel at. Even Chris Harrison would be impressed by this classy treat! Champagne Jello Flutes Makes: 3 Ingredients

Chef Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price Stone Create BREYERS VANILLA Recipes

Breyers Ice Cream and celebrity Chef Curtis Stone and his wife, actress Lindsay Price Stone, have created 12 new recipes featuring Breyers National Vanilla in partnership for the brand’s 150th birthday. Below are some three of Curtis and Lindsay’s delicious recipes to cool you off during the hot summer months. These are great for making with family and friends and will also please your guests at summer get-togethers. June: Brookie

Insane Burger King spa is the future of fast food

In Turkey, sauna sessions end with a salty yogurt drink. In Korea, it’s customary to nosh on baked eggs after a steam. But a spa in Finland takes the cake — or, rather, the Whopper. A Finnish Burger King just received an award after it installed a sauna for customers. Guests can lie on blue and orange benches wearing BK robes, steam by the stone stove and play video games

Is There Wood Pulp In That Parmesan? How Scientists Sniff Out Food Fraud

If you’ve been following any of the big news stories on food fraud lately, you’ll know that it’s tough to know what exactly is in our food — and where it’s been before it makes it onto our dinner plates. Earlier this year, Wal-Mart was sued for stocking tubs of Parmesan cheese that contained wood-pulp filler. Olive oil is often mixed with sunflower oil and sold as “extra virgin.” And

Uber launches stand-alone app for food delivery

Uber launched a stand-alone app for its food-delivery service, UberEATS, as it plans to expand the program to several more cities. In a statement published Tuesday, Uber says the service will be available in five cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Toronto and Chicago. Additional cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., will get access soon. Users have been able to get food delivered via

Senate Is on Verge of Passing Dangerous Pro-Monsanto Food Labeling Law

What would you think of a law that clearly discriminates against rural Americans, lower income Americans, minorities and the elderly? No chance of getting passed, right? Wrong. The Senate is poised to pass such a bill. The revised Dark Act, sponsored by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), has been introduced as an amendment to S. 764, and would preempt the laws of Vermont, Connecticut, Maine and Alaska that call for the

USDA rules would increase food stamp access to healthy foods

The Agriculture Department unveiled new rules on Tuesday that would force retailers who accept food stamps to stock a wider variety of healthy foods or face the loss of business as consumers shop elsewhere. The proposed rules are designed to ensure that the more than 46 million Americans who use food stamps have better access to healthy foods although they don’t dictate what people buy or eat. A person using

These Peanut Butter Recipes Will Make Your Life Infinitely Better

Anyone who knows anything knows that peanut butter is the best food on the planet. It’s the greatest filling for a sandwich, perfectly offsetting the sweetness of jam and fluff. It’s the star of the most delicious candy known to man (ahem, Reese’s). And, it’s chocolate’s best friend. Not to mention how irresistible it is all on its own, straight from the jar. See? Greatest food on earth. That’s why we

Chipotle will close all stores for one day to discuss food safety

Chipotle will close all of their stores for a few hours on Feb. 8 for a company-wide meeting, according to Oregon Live. The company is scheduled to hold a meeting that will involve all staff to discuss food safety. “We want to thank our teams for all of their hard work, to discuss some of the changes we are making to enhance food safety, to talk about the restaurants role in all