Suicide Squad Is More Proof Movies Need to Stop With the Giant Beams of Light in the Sky Already

Dearly beloved, we need to talk about this summer movie season. Sure, Justice dawned. The X-Men apocalypsed. Jason was Bourne. And Independence was resurged, or something. But listen, summer movies. You, as the saying goes, have one job: Give us an excuse to hang out in an aggressively air-conditioned environment for two hours without hating ourselves, preferably by being entertaining in some way, shape, or form. No one is asking

Watch These 10 Movies Before They Leave Netflix Next Month

There are a lot of big blockbusters at the multiplex right now, but if you don’t want to leave your apartment to go to a theater, there are still a few days left in the month to catch up on the great films that will soon be leaving the Netflix library. If you’ve never seen these tales of bank heists, prolific controversial authors, and triumphant sports teams, make sure to

5 Beyond Brilliant Action Scenes in Movies

Action movies are fun to watch but there’s a smart way to do action scenes and an epically dumb way to do it. The smart way focuses in on the details, tells a story within a story, and makes sure we know just what the hell is going on amidst all the crazy. The dumb way? Explosions, shaky camera effects, chaos to blur the action, and just a general messiness

How Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Can Change the Movies

Black Panther’s emergence in Captain America: Civil War, the critically acclaimed Marvel blockbuster that looms as the new genre standard, was met with cheers from both longtime comic book fans and moviegoers, and the character’s prominence could set Marvel on the path towards some much-needed diversification. And on Friday, when the news broke that Michael B. Jordan would be joining fellow cast members Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong’o in Creed

Why Superhero Movies Are Headed in the Wrong Direction

The release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was greeted with negative reviews, a huge opening weekend at the box office, and then a precipitous drop, has inspired a new wave of hand-wringing about the state of superhero movies. With that in mind, a refreshing cultural nugget surfaced online Monday: a conversation between two of the most influential comic-book directors, Richard Donner and Christopher Nolan, on the appeals

Awesomeness Films gets serious about movies

Awesomeness Films is known for making movies starring today’s digital influencers, like comedy “Smosh: The Movie” and the Tyler Oakley documentary “Snervous.” Its latest film may be its most ambitious yet. “Shovel Buddies” is a dramedy that revolves around four teenagers who, over the course of 24 hours, help fulfill the dying wish of their best friend to bury him with his favorite football jersey. It debuted Monday at the

11 Horror Movies for People Who Don’t Like Scary Movies

The Witch is just one of a recent crop of indie horror flicks that may make new fans of the genre Horror movies have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. A slew of spooky arthouse and indie flicks have injected new energy into a genre which many lament often relies too heavily on well-worn tropes, unnecessary reboots and superfluous gore. Movies like The Witch (Feb. 19), Robert Eggers’ historical horror

Warner Bros. is planning 11 superhero movies from now through 2020 — Here are all of them

DC is finally playing catch up. While Marvel is working on the 13th film in its cinematic universe, the DC Comics’ multiverse (which includes hugely popular heroes Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman) only includes 2013’s “Man of Steel.” That’s about to change. Back in October 2014, the studio announced ten new films over the next five years, kicking off this March with “Batman v Superman.” Read on to find see what’s next for DC’s biggest heroes

Movies and TV Shows Leaving Netflix in February 2016

Here are the movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in February. The Hurt Locker, The Sea Inside, Bad Santa and Rain Man are some of the films Netflix subscribers should watch before they expire next month. Netflix’s February additions were also just announced. Check out the full list below to see what is expiring in February. Leaving Feb. 1, 2016 Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999) Asylum (2005) Bad Santa