Taylor Swift’s Apple Music ad is painful in a couple ways

Taylor Swift's Apple Music ad is painful in a couple ways

This morning, Taylor Swift tweeted a short advertisement for Apple Music that she claims is “based on true events.” I don’t think I’ve ever believed anything more.

In the video, Swift is preparing for a run. Her cat eyeliner is perfect, and her hair looks like it has recently been tended to by a professional. That is atypical, I think, of the workout experience, but great for her! She selects an Apple Music-curated playlist called “#GYMFLOW” and starts with the song “Jumpman,” from Drake and Future’s recent mixtape What a Time To Be Alive. She knows all the words and it gets her really pumped up as she’s running on the treadmill. It’s kind of hard to watch.


T-Swift often catches flack for her overzealous, mom-ish dance moves, but tends to lean into the joke. Here, her exuberant boogying leads her to fly off of her treadmill in spectacular fashion. Who is Taylor Swift’s stunt double? Did she resent having to get the bob haircut too? Who knows. Ouch, though.


Swift’s very public (and some might say very orchestrated) feud with Apple Music ended peacefully last June, when Apple agreed to pay artists during its free trial period at the singer’s public request. She then agreed to stream her most recent album, 1989 on the service, saying it was “the first time it felt right.” Her 1989 World Tour documentary was made available exclusively on Apple Music in December.

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This piece of performance art was released on Apple’s 40th birthday, which also happens to be April Fools’ Day. Who knows if it is related to either. Who knows why it happened at all.

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